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Spotlight on Daniel McDonald, Chair of Werribee Hospital Foundation Board

Daniel has been a Board Director of the Werribee Hospital Foundation since 2013, taking on the role of Chair in 2021. As a long-term resident of Wyndham, Daniel wanted to contribute to the improved health and well-being of his community and decided joining the Werribee Hospital Foundation Board was the best way he could give back and make a positive impact. 

Daniel is a Principal Solicitor and believes every Board needs a lawyer to safeguard its legal compliance and ensure they are not exposed to legal ramifications.  His expertise in law means he is tasked with looking over the legal aspects of the Foundation, and his previous CEO and CFO experience allows him to turn his commercial business eye over opportunities beneficial to the Foundation. However, it’s his experience of being a local resident and working within Wyndham that gives him a deep understanding of his community’s needs. 

Daniel believes we are truly fortunate to have a local hospital on our doorstep, and reducing travel time is a major benefit for all residents.  He wants to help furnish our hospital with the technology and resources required to meet the growing health needs of our community. Having a world class healthcare facility that caters for all health issues will negate the need to travel long distances for residents to receive care, and this is what Daniel hopes the Foundation will achieve.  

Significant fundraising efforts in the form of major events that the community can rally around will help keep the Foundation on track to raise the funds required to meet the goals they have set. Daniel is driven to serve the Foundation by his ties to Wyndham and is inspired to do more when he can see the major impact they have already achieved. To date, funding the Critical Care Unit has been an impact Daniel is particularly proud of, and believes the WHF Board is unique in being able to add so much value to its community with clearly apparent results in the form of funding new hospital wings, technology and resources, and sponsoring R&D.  


Leanne Down