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A warm welcome to our new Board Directors

The Foundation was thrilled with the response to our call-out for candidates to apply for the available positions to join our Board of Directors in October.  Before introducing our new members, we would like to bid a fond farewell and express our deepest thanks to our outgoing Directors, Nicole Whiting and Nicole Ali.  Their contributions and enthusiasm were instrumental to our success, and we will miss them and everything they brought to the both the Board and the Foundation.  

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Directors to the Foundation.  They are a powerhouse selection of individuals that have relevant connections to our community. Their multicultural backgrounds are an accurate reflection of Wyndham, affording them a personal understanding and connection with our community, and their professions and personal strengths will lend expertise specific to the Foundation’s needs.  We are excited to share the benefits of our alliance with you all and would like to warmly welcome and introduce the following new Directors: 

Renay Ahmed – Renay is a third-generation family member of LT’s Egg Farm and Wyndham Cache café located in Werribee South, and the Events & Catering Manager at Wyndham Cache. Renay’s personal connections to Wyndham run deep and she is passionate about engaging and networking with her community.  Renay has volunteered on many occasions for Werribee Hospital Foundation and is dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships with various community stakeholders. We are confident that Renay’s strong understanding of Wyndham places her in an excellent position to make significant and valid contributions to our Board. 

Sahana Ramesh – Sahana is the current Councillor for Wyndham City Council, representing the Harrison Ward. In 2018 she founded the first company in India to manufacture Lithium-Ion batteries and provides consultancy on systems technology marketing and branding.  Sahana enjoys intellectual challenges and is a passionate advocate for the environment, sustainable living and diversity and inclusivity in the community.  Sahana’s role as Councillor gives her a privileged insight into the needs of our community, and a platform to champion their cause. We are fortunate to have Sahana’s professional expertise and links, as well as her dedication to advocating for Wyndham. 

Dr Amireh Fakhouri – Dr Amireh is a GP at MyHealth Medical Centre in Point Cook, specialising in children’s and women’s health.  As a doctor and mother of young children, Amireh truly understands the importance of high-quality health care and is passionate about ensuring good health for all.  Her role as a GP gives her direct insight into the health needs of our community and we look forward to the meaningful contributions Amireh will make to the Foundation.  

Deborah Dickinson – Deborah is a life coach and founder of Deborah Dickinson Coaching. She is also the current Chair of Werribee Business & Tourism Association, and President of Kulture Hive, an organisation that creates programs and activities in culturally diverse communities to foster cohesion and connection. Deborah is passionate about connecting with and understanding people. Making meaningful and important relationships to ensure the greater good of the community is central to Deborah’s success and her personal growth. We are fortunate to have a person that has dedicated themselves to the wellbeing of Wyndham and can effectively communicate and connect with a diverse range of backgrounds. 

Leanne Down