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Gift in Will week

Wyndham Health Foundation CEO Leanne Down with Wilckens Roche Lawyers Director Vince Leone and Director & Principal Ashlee Chats

Did you know that Wyndham Health Foundation was created because two long standing residents of Wyndham left a gift in their will nearly 30 years ago, and we are still here making sure we support the Wyndham community with the public hospital and health services for our region.

Wilckens Roche Lawyers, are the oldest law firm in Williamstown and one of the oldest in Australia, they have been practising since the 1930.  Priding themselves on their history, reputation and results, we are excited to announce our new partnership with them.

Your Will shouldn’t be a secret.

After all, your Will is about your life, the values you hold dear and the power you have to make a positive impact on the lives of your loved ones, and the world they live in, long into the future. Particularly if you’ve chosen to leave a gift in your Will to a charity.

Yet many of us may find it difficult to talk to our loved ones about our financial affairs and our legacy decisions. And while this is the case, our legacies will remain a mystery. Mysteries can mean tension, red herrings and lengthy investigations. They can involve missteps and miscommunications, and the chance that your final wishes may not be fulfilled in the way you intended.

Make Wyndham a little brighter, have the charity chat with your loved ones and consider leaving a gift in your Will.

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Leanne Down