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Learn what motivated Kiran Sood to become our Corporate Sponsor

If you’ve ever wondered why a business makes the choice to become a corporate sponsor, then our interview with Kiran Sood, CEO of Deals4Loans and Corporate Sponsor of Wyndham Health Foundation, will be a real eye-opener. We loved chatting with Kiran and learning her story. She is a remarkable and generous woman, and is testament to how determination and kindness can achieve great things.

Shortly after getting married in India in her early 20’s, Kiran immigrated to Melbourne in 2007 to pursue her studies in Accounting and Business. She was a complete babe in the woods after living a sheltered life with family, having never cooked a meal, shopped for groceries, or even caught a train. She arrived in Australia alone while she waited for her husband’s visa to come through in the next 6 months.

Slowly but surely her confidence and independence grew, along with her fierce determination to make a successful life for herself. 10 years after her arrival in Australia she had 2 children, a successful property portfolio and her own mortgage broking company, Deals4Loans.

Kiran says without the support of her local community her business would never have gotten off the ground, let alone thrived. She believes community is everything and the reason for her success. To show her heartfelt appreciation Kiran is committed to ‘giving back’ to her community. Her company’s values are ‘Commitment, Community, Compassion’, and in line with them Kiran is heavily involved in over 10 different community groups and charities.

Kiran was drawn to partner with the Wyndham Health Foundation for reasons close to her heart. Kiran’s beloved mother passed away in India in 2019, and to honour the medical attention and care she received, Kiran felt it was important to ‘pay forward’ healthcare support in her own community in Melbourne. After meeting Lee, CEO of Wyndham Health Foundation, and seeing the impact Lee is making to the families and residents of the West, Kiran knew that her values would be mirrored by aligning her company with the Foundation.

When asked what she wants to achieve out of her partnership, Kiran says that if she can inspire just one other local business to take up a similar sponsorship position with the Wyndham Health Foundation, then her partnership would be deemed a success. Kiran believes local businesses have an important role to play in their community, and can use their reach and influence to help charities and give support where needed.

We are grateful that Kiran has aligned herself with us, and hope her story has inspired another business to do the same. If anyone that would like to reach out for a confidential discussion, or to simply find out what sponsorship with the Wyndham Health Foundation looks like, then please contact us on or call us on 03 8375 2783.

Leanne Down