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Our raffles to raise money to purchase a new palliative care bed have been a resounding success!

We are proud to announce that with the support of our community we have raised the $12,000 needed to purchase a palliative care bed for the Werribee Mercy Hospital’s Palliative Care ward.

We were really overwhelmed by the generous donations given to us by local businesses as prizes for our raffle hampers. We know this is a difficult time for a lot of small businesses, which makes their support even more special. 

We had originally planned to run this raffle at the annual Werribee Hospital Foundation – Mercy Cup, however recent lockdowns saw that event cancelled.

We would like to thank the following businesses for their donations which helped us run the raffle: 

Godings for donating $1,000 and MBE Point Cook for donating the raffle tickets.

Congratulations to the following supporters on their raffle win:

Vicki Warren
Nicholas McNaughton
Rachell Durkin
Yolanda Congerton, 
Susanna Bonetti

Mary Lowman
Brianna Julien
Helen Michaelides
Cheryll Evans
Patricia Tot

Melissa Hickson
Malcom Smith

Leanne Down