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Sleeping like a Baby

Romeo and Linda Fragapane made a significant contribution to the Wyndham Health Foundation by donating the cost of a Paediatric Cot for the Mother and Baby Unit. This act of generosity was sparked by CEO Leanne Down’s presentation at the Wyndham Health Cup about the need for the cot.

The Mother and Baby Unit provides specialised care for women and their babies when inpatient mental health treatment is required for a mother in her baby’s first year of life. Romeo and Linda Fragapane understand the value of this service and the importance of keeping mothers and their babies together, particularly during the crucial first year after birth.

Postpartum mental health is a significant challenge that affects approximately one in five pregnant women, and it can negatively impact the mother-infant relationship. The Paediatric Cot will be a valuable asset in nurturing and supporting the maternal bond while treating the mother’s mental health condition.

The Fragapane’s have deep roots in the Wyndham community, and their contribution underscores their commitment to public healthcare and support for their fellow residents. Their donation will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of mothers and their babies and contribute to improving the hospital’s overall capacity to provide high-quality care and support.

The Wyndham Health Foundation, along with CEO Leanne Down, extends their heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Romeo and Linda Fragapane for their kindness and generosity towards the foundation’s mission. Their donation exemplifies the true spirit of giving and will leave a lasting legacy in the community.

Leanne Down