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Lee reflects on the last 2 years as CEO

The 23rd March marked Lee’s two-year anniversary as CEO of the Werribee Hospital Foundation. That date also happens to be the day Melbourne was locked down for the first time in 2020. This wasn’t the way Lee envisioned her first day at her new job playing out, and she was thrown into unknown territory as she navigated how to lead the Foundation through a pandemic.

Fundraising relies on a lot of face-to-face networking and hosting events to engage the community and seek donations. With this avenue no longer an option, Lee had to diversify quickly and find new ways to raise funds to support Wyndham’s public healthcare services. With only the internet as a means to communicate with the wider community, Lee single-handedly built up the Foundation’s social media platforms and website to carry out campaigns that benefited Wyndham.

The 5KOK challenge was a particularly successful fundraiser that encouraged people to walk, run, or ride 5 kms to raise money to support Wyndham’s mental health services. The 5km’s was a clever use of the radius Melbournian’s were permitted to travel from home, and mental health services were under immense strain due to the pandemic and could use all of the help they could get. 

Luckily the generosity of Wyndham shone through when needed most, and all of Lee’s endeavours received generous support from local businesses and residents.  Here’s hoping the next two years will be smoother sailing, but no matter what our crazy world throws at us, Lee is confident that the Wyndham community will always pull through together.

Congratulations Lee on your anniversary, and thank you for everything you have accomplished to support Wyndham’s pubic healthcare services!

Enjoy some images of Lee in action

Leanne Down