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A new renal chair for dialysis patients has been purchased with your support

We are proud to announce that your generous donations during our 2021 Renal Dialysis Appeal have provided the Werribee Mercy Hospital’s Renal Dialysis Unit with a new renal chair. 

This chair will help kidney patients in our community receive quicker access to dialysis, and enable the Renal Unit to process more patients. Our Renal Dialysis Unit services end-stage kidney patients from the whole of Melbourne’s western suburbs. We are sure the extra chair we have provided will make a positive impact to patient care.

Jim’s story is testament to the importance of supporting our local hospital so that all members of our community receive high quality health care when they need it most:

“If I have to be on dialysis, I’m glad I’m on dialysis at Werribee Hospital. Where the nurses really care and take the time to get to know you. Being here several times a week, for two plus hours each time, this adds up and matters a lot more than you’d think. Seeing friendly faces, and feeling like I’m part of a community, it helps get me through. I’m alive and hopeful today because of Werribee Hospital’s Renal Unit.”

Jim, end-stage kidney disease patient

Leanne Down