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Health affects everyone at some point.  Supporting the best care possible at our local hospital is a social investment with measurable outcomes and impacts.  Through a relationship with Werribee Hospital Foundation, corporations’ groups and associations can demonstrate to their customers, stakeholders and staff a real commitment to helping the best health outcomes for their community.

Werribee Hospital Foundation is the established health promotion charity supporting our local public hospitals ,  Since 1993, Werribee Hospital Foundation has raised more the 1.75 million in cash and kind to advance the health of Australians by connecting generosity to innovation and excellence in patient care, research, education and health promotion at our local hospital.

There are many opportunities to be involved with us

  • Major event ownership or sponsorship

  • Sponsorship or partnership activity of a project or program

  • Philanthropic support through company trusts and foundations

  • Workplace giving

  • Support for a specific department, project or health care area

Why support Werribee Hospital Foundation?

  • A range of program and project needs to suit your social responsibility needs

  • Able to directly demonstrate the impact of your support

  • Strong positive messaging opportunities for multi-layer communication

  • Varied opportunities for staff involvement and engagement