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Funds Management


The foundation meets regularly with the management of the Werribee Mercy Hospital to discuss its current needs.

This is important because it ensures

  • The foundation is aware of the hospital’s needs
  • The foundation funds the equipment and services needed by our community’s public hospital
  • The two organisations, whilst quite separate entities, work together for the ongoing improvement of hospital services in the Wyndham community

Whilst we will always respect any preference you may indicate, the foundation stresses that it does not have ultimate authority to grant particular preferences. Rather, funds will be spent based on the current needs of our public hospital, not the preference of the original donor.

Rest assured however that your generous bequest or donation will always be targeted to provide the most meaningful and lasting assistance to Wyndham’s public hospital services.


The Werribee District Hospital Charitable Foundation is an astute funds manager and takes great care to ensure it remains strong, stable and prosperous.

We value all bequests and donations greatly and are committed to managing your donations astutely, ethically and profitably.

Day to day oversight of the foundations funds is provided by a qualified funds investment professional appointed by the foundation on a two yearly basis.

The foundations investments are restricted to three asset classes:

  • Equity
  • Fixed Interest
  • Money market deposits

Foundation funds are generally invested according to a considered strategy which increases the real value of the fund after the effect of inflation, recognising that some short-term volatility might occur. The portfolio is expected to out-perform the All Ordinaries Index over a 12 month period.

This investment strategy means:

  • investment decisions to be based on a three year investment horizon
  • diversifies investments to avoid exposing the fund to undue risk through the failure of any single investment
  • ensures a proportion of the foundation’s assets are kept at call to take advantage of any investment opportunities that may arise
  • ensures no stock holding in any one company represents more than 25 per cent of the funds assets and no stock holding in any one company represents more than five per cent of the market capitalisation of that company.