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Let’s make a difference together!

In a world where need is all around us, how can you make a discernable difference?

By starting close to home by making a small yet profound act of generosity – is the simplest and most effective way to make a huge impact to the lives of people in your community. Please join us and Let’s Make A Difference Together!

Werribee Hospital Foundation’s mission has always been, and continues to be, to support patient care at Wyndham’s public hospitals. We enable you to invest directly in the health and wellbeing of the people in your community.

As a 100% not for profit charity we provide an ironclad guarantee that every single cent of every dollar you donate will be directed precisely where it is needed most. Our founding structure means that unlike most charities, we do not levy administration or any other fees. One dollar from you equates to precisely one dollar of support towards the best possible public healthcare for Wyndham. 

Since the Werribee Hospital Foundation’s establishment in 1993, our outstanding record of impact and achievement is a result of three decades of generosity, commitment, and hard yakka from our community volunteers. This has translated directly into major and lasting positive impacts which has benefited the lives of Wyndham community members that have needed to access our local public hospital services.

Werribee Hospital Foundation works together with our public hospital to identify the highest priority needs at any given time. We channel your gift in exactly this direction, supporting the health and wellbeing of the vulnerable members of our community that we all cherish.

We focus the disbursement of your donations via four pillars: Equipment, Programs, Research & Innovation, and Capital. With your support we have been able to disburse over $3 million to our local public healthcare services to support patient care.

I have a close vantage point to the frontlines of Wyndham’s healthcare services, and I know all too well that any challenges that existed before the pandemic have now become immeasurably worse. As a result, we need your help now more than we ever have before.

None of us start our day thinking we’re going to end up in an Emergency Department.  No one schedules their mental health breakdown for a convenient moment. And few among us look forward to a stint in hospital – scheduled or otherwise.

You don’t always plan on a hospital stay, but when you find yourself needing hospital attention, you want to know that you or your loved ones will be cared for by the best qualified people with the best hospital services possible. By continuing your support to the Werribee Hospital Foundation, you’re investing in a system that will continue to do just that.

Werribee Hospital Foundation aims to create a happier, healthier local community by supporting the lifesaving and life-changing work of our local public hospital. When health is one of the biggest factors to a happy life, is there any more important work than this?

If you would like to continue supporting us by making an impact with your gift this end of financial year, this is how.  By working together, we can make life better for local people. We are a place to direct your charity dollars in a meaningful way, so you can help people in your local community. We are a unique and powerful means at your disposal.

Please join me and other local people to create the positive change three decades of achievement tells us is not only possible, but richly and infinitely rewarding.  Please consider sending your donation today.