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5k OK

It’s no secret, in Melbourne we can only move around 5km’s, well OK. It’s no reason to not get out and about, and let’s face it what else is there to do.

So get out and run, walk, ride, roll, swim or whatever you want to do for 5km’s… why not do them all.

Grab a friend, don’t forget to social distance and get cracking.

Exercise can really help when it comes to mental health

It increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates chemicals like endorphins and serotonin.

Who doesn’t want that?

It can also help with our moods, anxiety, mental clarity, improve productivity and memory and you can even get a better nights sleep.

With October being Mental Health Awareness month, we want to make sure you are taking care of your mental health and with your donations we can help support patients with our mental health services.

Especially now with COVID we are seeing an increase in the community requiring support.

How it works

  • Work out your choice of activity

    Run, walk, ride, roll, swim or something else.

  • Start your tracker so you know when you’ve reached 5km’s and don’t forget to take a photo at the end

  • Share your achievement via social media

    Upload a photo of your tracker and yourself with a big smile #whf5kok

  • Nominate 5 others to do the same

    Friends, family, colleagues, anyone who you want to show off to

  • Don’t forget to make a donation

  • Kick back and be proud of yourself

    For keeping active and knowing that you’ve helped support something great