Bariatric Chair donated by Sarah Eldridge

Many of us have been the grateful recipients of high quality medical care. Our lives may have been saved, our children birthed safely, or on-going treatments have been administered to us with compassion and grace. We often want to show our appreciation and thanks for our medical attention but are not sure how to. Or we recover, get checked out of the ward, and life goes on.

Local resident and business owner of Trinity Bookkeeping, Sarah Eldridge, witnessed first-hand the high quality care and compassion that was given to her late father when he spent his last weeks in the Werribee Mercy Hospital.

On the anniversary of her father’s passing she wanted to honour his life by doing something to help others, and to show her gratitude for his medical care. After witnessing his vulnerability and pain, her wish was to provide the hospital with a resource that would help alleviate the discomfort of future patients. Sarah chose to donate a bariatric chair to the Werribee Mercy Hospital to support patients that were receiving treatments, and her generous and thoughtful gesture will make a positive impact on hundreds of people within our community.

We met up with Sarah to discuss her donation and express our gratitude, and asked her the following questions:

I was with my Dad during his final days, and one of the few things that I had control over to help him, was to try and make his days more comfortable. Whenever possible, I tried to make sure he didn’t exert himself unnecessarily. The chair was on the list of items that the hospital needed, and I thought it would be perfect and ticked all the boxes for me.

My hope is that a patient can find a place of comfort when they are in a vulnerable place during and after their treatment.  Movement is an issue for patients at this time, and the chair allows for patients to be wheeled around so they can be moved easily.  Something as simple as letting a patient look out of a window at a garden, for instance, can make a world of difference.  If this can be done will minimal exertion to the patient, then all the better.

Having a local hospital is such a bonus for our community because we have easy access and don’t have to travel very far to reach it.  We have used both the Emergency Department and regular services at the hospital, and we are very thankful for the care provided.  As I get older and see my older friends in need of medical care, I realise that this is a key asset for Wyndham to attract new residents, as well as supporting the ones already living here.

I believe the Emergency Department could use additional assistance.  Wait periods are long and having a comfortable space with a few amenities would really help those suffering while waiting to be seen.

The people in the community is what makes living in an area enjoyable. I am so glad to have been part of the Wyndham community for the past 22 years, and although I have seen the area grow and change, I would like the community to continue having a ‘small-town feel’ and remain being kind and considerate to each other.  I think it’s up to each of us to do our bit because what goes around comes around.  How good would it be to live in a place where we all look out for each other and support one another, especially the vulnerable.

It was extremely easy to do this. Lee made the process very smooth and ensured my wishes were met.

Yes, I have taken part in some fundraising activities that the Foundation has undertaken.

Having a hospital near us during these pandemic times has given such reassurance to the local community. If there was an urgent medical need then help is only minutes away. If anybody is in a position to donate and wants to make a positive difference to their community, the Werribee Hospital Foundation is a great charity to choose.

Knowing that the Foundation passes on 100% of my donation towards my intended cause is really important to me.

On behalf of the Werrribee Hospital Foundation and the recipients of the bariatric chair, we would like to thank Sarah for her generosity and kindness.

Giving back to the hospital that has given medical care and support to you and your family is a perfect way to express your gratitude.

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